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Vino Latino USA was created to celebrate the contributions of Latinos
on the wine industry and produce a product accessible to all wine drinkers.

Vino Latino

is a company born out of passion and a desire to make a wine that celebrates the proud heritage of Latinos.

Ramon Sandoval was inspired to start Vino Latino USA after reflecting on his own wine journey. Introduced to wine by his now wife Becky, who worked in the Napa wine industry, his palette expanded through time. Ramon felt there was an under-served market for the new found wine drinker.

Becky and Ramon began to visit Latino wineries throughout California, but noticed that there were not many Latinos in the tasting rooms. This inspired him to sell Latino made wines directly to consumers. He partnered with veteran winemaker Fernando Candelario and together they have worked to make wine more accessible to more audiences.

Vino Latino wines are meant to celebrate life, and they can’t wait to be a part of yours.

Ramon Sandoval

is a first generation Mexican-American, born and raised in San Mateo, California. Proud of his Mexican heritage, Ramon wants to spread the milestones of the Latino community to his children and his community. He has used his bilingual skills and experience working in the Latino market to cultivate his passion into introducing people to good wine made by Latinos right here in the USA.

Fernando Candelario

started his winemaking career years ago on the bottling line at Robert Mondavi Winery. He quickly progressed through the ranks at Mondavi and often found himself exploring the cellar, where the wine is made. Since then, Fernando has helped launch the brand T-Vine, started his own brand called Voces, and worked as the winemaker for La Rochelle Winery in Sonoma. In 2019, Fernando became a partner and winemaker for Vino S Vida, which later turned into his product of pride, Vino Latino USA.

Our Story

Learn more as Ramon walks you through his journey on his passion for starting Vino Latino USA.